About Us

We supply products throughout India from our ready stock at an affordable cost with timely delivery to a client which keeps us in competitive in the market. We have a large no. of standards in ready stock, which can be supplied immediately with a cost advantage compared to USP/EP/BP/JP Standards and competitive market.

We provide high quality of products and services worldwide to the pharmaceutical companies, API companies, generic companies; Formulation Companies, Research Institutes and Universities etc. we are happy to work collaboratively with you, so that we understand your needs to provide a clear timeline and directions for your projects.

Our main strength is our experts and professional team of scientists who conduct several challenging synthesis recent pasts. We have synthesized 600+ drug impurities and intermediates in a short period of time and 40+ drug impurities are under pipeline targeted end of 2018. Our R&D center is well equipped for all kinds of chemical synthesis. Further, the team of our professionals is talented, experienced in all kinds of challenges in synthetic organic chemistry involving in various types of chemistry like complex aromatic compounds & heterocyclic, carbohydrate scaffolds, natural & non natural amino acids, peptides, asymmetric synthesis and resolutions.